Magazine Reviews: Men'S Health

Originally published in 1987, Men's Health is the world's largest men's magazine featuring advices for viagra cialis online pharmacy pharmacy who want to look, feel and live better. Addressing its topics to energetic, successful and professional readers, Men's Health has become the one-stop source for men who look for greater control over their physical, mental and emotional state.

Each issue of Men's Heath features insightful articles on fitness, fashion, health, nutrition, travel, finance, relationships and groundbreaking gear. Knowledgable journalists join forces with experienced professionals who provide valuable information on important issues that concern men of all ages.

The experienced columnists of Men's Health know that a well-structured body cannot be accomplished only at the gym. In addition to the weekly workout, men need the right amount of vitamines and the proper nutritional ingredients. To that end, the magazine provides quick and easy recipes that can be prepared instantly in "Eat This, Not That!" section. Containing all the necessary ingredients that the body needs after workout, Men's Health provides reliable, informative tips on how to live longer and healthier.

In regards to sex & relationships, Men's Health provides a comprehensive coverage of the steps a man needs to take in order to keep his sexual attraction alive. For example, "The Girl Next Door" is a special column by Nicole Beland, who casts light on men's questions about women under a female perspective.

Men's Health is loaded with comprehensive instructions for mastering the world's greatest exercises. Some of its regular articles include "How Fit Are You?" that interviews top athletes to know how they got to the top in terms of speed, endurance, power, and agility; "Secrets from America's Top Gyms" that includes an annual list of America's best gyms as well as America's 50 best personal trainers revealing their secrets for muscle building; "Style Guide" that includes a guide through the best products for good looking appearance; and "Men and Their Cars: A Love Story" that includes a full guide of advantages about specific types of cars.

On the other hand, Men's Health has been heavily criticized for relentlessly focusing on developing the perfect body thus increasing men's anxieties about building the perfect body. According to some psychologists, these angsts can make men more vulnerable to eating disorders and neurotic over-exercising.

Personally, I have read Men's Health quite sometimes as my boyfriend is one of its most dedicated fans. My first impression - although I'm not expert and definitely not a man - is that it provides great advice about health, what to eat, women, fitness, cardio, sports and so on plus it features a hot shot celebrity on its cover every month along with an excellent article about how they stay fit.

However, looking back on past issues I sense that something is missing. Most likely is the sharp pen of Greg Gutfeld and Denis Boyles who didn't compromise at the expense of advertisement and wrote the truth as it was, and not as the readers would probably wanted to read it. My latest impression is that Men's Health sacrifices quality at the expense of political correctness. And to some people this is enough to give negative reviews to the magazine. Other than that, it remains a well-rounded magazine. So, give it shot.

Νοθευμένα συμπληρώματα διατροφής

Τα προϊόντα SURNABE ACAI BERRY COFFEE, MOTI ANGEL COFFEE και LEPTIN WEIGHT LOSS CHOCOLATE, τα οποία διακινούνται παράνομα... ως συμπληρώματα διατροφής που προορίζονται για απώλεια βάρους, είναι νοθευμένα με τη δραστική ουσία σιβουτραμίνη, ανακοίνωσε ο Εθνικός Οργανισμός Φαρμάκων.

Τα συγκεκριμένα προϊόντα, περιέχουν τη δραστική ουσία σιβουτραμίνη, η οποία αποσύρθηκε πρόσφατα από τις ευρωπαϊκές χώρες λόγω αρνητικού προφίλ ασφάλειας, χωρίς σχετική αναφορά στην επισήμανσή τους, όπως προέκυψε από ενημέρωση των αρμόδιων αρχών της Αυστραλίας.

Επίσης, ο ΕΟΦ ανακοίνωσε ότι τα προϊόντα LIBIDOFORTE και SATIBO, τα οποία διακινούνται παράνομα ως συμπληρώματα διατροφής, χωρίς να είναι γνωστοποιημένα στον ΕΟΦ, είναι νοθευμένα με την φαρμακολογικά δραστική ουσία online pharmacy viagra ή/και ανάλογα αυτής, όπως προκύπτει από ενημέρωση της αρμόδιας αρχής της Πολωνίας.

Τα συγκεκριμένα προϊόντα προωθούνται για την ενίσχυση της ανδρικής σεξουαλικής δραστηριότητας και, όπως προέκυψε μετά από εργαστηριακή ανάλυση, περιέχουν την ουσία sildenafil ή/και ανάλογα αυτής, χωρίς σχετική αναφορά στην επισήμανσή τους. Η δραστική ουσία sildenafil περιέχεται σε συνταγογραφούμενα φάρμακα που προορίζονται για την αντιμετώπιση της στυτικής δυσλειτουργίας και μπορεί να προκαλέσει σοβαρές ανεπιθύμητες ενέργειες εάν ληφθεί ανεξέλεγκτα, χωρίς να έχει συνταγογραφηθεί από γιατρό.

Και στις δύο περιπτώσεις εφιστάται η προσοχή των καταναλωτών, ώστε σε περίπτωση που έρθουν στην κατοχή τους προϊόντα με τα ανωτέρω χαρακτηριστικά, να μην τα χρησιμοποιήσουν και να ενημερώσουν άμεσα τον ΕΟΦ.

Στην ανακοίνωση επισημαίνεται ότι η αγορά προϊόντων αρμοδιότητας ΕΟΦ από μη εγκεκριμένες πηγές, όπως είναι το διαδίκτυο, μπορεί να θέσει σε κίνδυνο την υγεία του καταναλωτή.

Benefits Of Viagra To The Heart

Numerous men have been taking cheap viagra for erectile dysfunction, and it was noted that cialis does not only have an effect to a man’s sexual function, but it also has an effect on the heart. Effects of the hormonal stress to the human heart were noted to be decreased in men taking Viagra. The study, when tried on mice, was more noticeable as it had the tendency to avert and undo the harmful long-term effects of chronic hypertension on their heart.

Since Viagra has an effect to dilate genital blood vessels to maintain an erection, research was done if it has an effect on the human heart. And it was found out that it has potential benefits for the treatment of pulmonary hypertension. And this study was headed by the Johns Hopkins researchers. But before that, Viagra was never thought to have an effect on the heart.
Viagra works to dull the increased heart beat, which is a product of chemically-induced stress. It works to decrease the force needed to pump an excessive amount of blood from the heart to the body.

David Kass, M.D., a cardiologist and study senior author of Johns Hopkins study, and his researchers performed experiments on mice and noticed that Viagra is effective in blocking short-term consequences of hormonal stresses in the heart. Long-term damages of chronic hypertension on the heart is also prevented and reversed by Viagra. Negative effects of heart failure and cardiac hypertrophy on the weakened heart muscles in mouse experiments performed by David Kass, M.D. and his researchers are also reversed by Viagra, but this was not tested on human hearts yet so no solid evidence has been gathered to prove this.

To prove this, they conducted the Johns Hopkins study, and it showed that Viagra also has an effect in slowing heart rate after an injection of dobutamine. Thirty five men and women volunteered to go on the Johns Hopkins study for a period of six months. Necessary measurements of heart function like echocardiogram, electrocardiogram, and blood pressure readings were taken before and after the injection of dobutamine (dobutamine is a synthetic derivative of dopamine that increases heart rate and heart contraction). It showed increased heart rate and increased heart contraction by 150%. Then they were separated into two groups; those who took sildenafil (Viagra) and those who took sugar pill placebo. Dobutamine was again given to the individuals to see what sildenafil and sugar placebo has on the heart. It showed that the first group’s heart rate and heart contraction decreased by 50% while those from the second group increased yet again to about 150%.

The success of the Johns Hopkins study started other researchers on how sildenafil works when it comes to the immediate and long-term effects on the heart and other potential benefits they could get from sildenafil.

But these studies are not yet finished. For now, it is good to know that it inhibits the action of phosphodiesterase 5 or PDE5A from breaking down cyclic GMP, a key molecule that aids in the controlling of stress and hypertrophy of the heart.

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Egyptian Mau Cat Best Tips Breed Pattern and Color Genetics

The Egyptian Mau is the only spotted domestic cat that developed naturally, without deliberate hybridization between domestic breeds or domestic and wild feline species. Maus evolved from small African wild cats thousands of years ago as cats and humans became increasingly interdependent and cats played an integral, necessary part in the Nile agricultural ecosystem. The hallmark of the Egyptian Mau, retained from its ancient wild ancestry, is the dramatic, eye-catching spotted tabby pattern.

It is generally accepted that the spotted pattern occurs because of the presence of a dominant pattern modifier gene (Sp) that breaks up the pattern into smaller patches that manifest as spots. A cat that has only one copy of the dominant spotting modifier, in other words is heterozygous for spotting modifier, when paired with another cat that is heterozygous for Sp, can produce a full-patterned kitten, which in Maus is most commonly seen as a classic or blotched patterned kitten.

Given the current understanding of domestic feline pattern genetics, it is probably more correct to refer to a spotted cat that can produce full-patterned kittens as carrying for non-spotting (sp) that allows expression of the underlying classic or other pattern. The full pattern is already there, but is broken up by the spotting modifier (Sp) in Egyptian Maus. All Egyptian Maus, no matter their color, will have genotype SpSp or Spsp and will display a spotted pattern. Any non-spotted kittens born to Egyptian Mau parents will have genotype spsp and will display a classic or mackerel pattern.

Egyptian Mau Color :

The Egyptian Mau is recognized for exhibition in three colors: silver, bronze, and smoke. The basic underlying color of all Egyptian Maus is black (B), and it is assumed that all Maus are homozygous for black with genotype BB. The best way to determine the underlying color of a Mau is to check the color of the tail tip and the paw pads, which should always be black. There are two sets of genes that interact to produce the three black-based Mau colors: the dominant agouti gene (A) and the dominant color cialis gene (I).

The color inhibitor gene (I) prevents the deposition of pigment in the hair shaft, especially at the base of the hair, thus producing a non-pigmented or white undercoat. Silver and smoke Maus both have a dominant color inhibitor gene, so must have genotype II (homozygous) or Ii (heterozygous). When the dominant alleles, agouti and inhibitor, are both present the result is a silver Egyptian Mau: a spotted tabby with black markings on a pale ticked ground with a white undercoat.

Egyptian Mau Recessive Genes:

When the agouti gene is homozygous recessive, aa, the hair shaft has no ticking or banding, and this produces a solidly colored cat. In Maus this is seen in the smokes and the solid blacks. When the color inhibitor gene is homozygous recessive, ii, the hair shaft is fully colored from root to tip with no hypo pigmentation. In Maus this produces the bronzes and the solid blacks. When the recessives of both agouti and inhibitor are present and homozygous, the result is a solid black cat.

The smoke Mau is always homozygous for the recessive non-agouti genes and always has at least one dominant inhibitor gene, so the smoke is a non-agouti or solid cat with a white undercoat, aaI-. The inhibitor gene brings out the visibility of the pattern in a smoke Mau.

The bronze Mau always has at least one dominant agouti gene and is homozygous for the recessive full color genes, so the bronze is an agouti or ticked cat with fully expressed color, A-ii. The fur is colored from root to tip with ticking in the ground areas of the pattern.

Color Inheritance: Can only silver Maus have a rainbow litter

Because silver Maus are the result of a combination of dominant genes, agouti and inhibitor, silvers can be heterozygous and carry non-agouti and full color as recessives. This means that in addition to the expected silver kittens, silver Maus are able to produce smoke, bronze, or even black kittens when bred to any other color Mau, be it silver, bronze, or smoke, depending on what recessives are carried and which gene combinations occur in the kittens.

Because bronze Maus have the dominant agouti gene and smoke Maus have the dominant inhibitor gene, when bronze and smoke are bred together, they can produce silver kittens as well as black, bronze, or smoke kittens. All the silver kittens resulting from this cross would have the genotype AaIi, the bronze kittens would have the genotype Aaii, and the smoke kittens would have the genotype aaIi.

It is common to refer to some bronze Maus as “carrying for smoke” or smoke Maus as “carrying for bronze.” This is only true when the bronze or smoke that “carries” for the other recessive color is bred to a silver or the opposite recessive color. Bronze Maus that are heterozygous for agouti, i.e. that carry for non-agouti or solid (Aa), can produce smoke kittens when bred to a silver heterozygous (Aa) Mau or to a smoke Mau (aa), but when bred to another bronze, can only produce bronze or black kittens. Bronze Maus lack the dominant inhibitor gene, and therefore, they cannot produce either silvers or smokes when bred together. Smoke Maus that are heterozygous for inhibitor, i.e. that carry for full color coat (Ii), can produce bronze kittens when bred to a silver heterozygous Mau (Ii) or to a bronze Mau (ii), but when bred to another smoke, can only produce smoke or black Maus. Smoke Maus do not have the dominant agouti gene, so cannot produce either silvers or bronzes when bred together.